About Us


We Are Samyee

Founded in 1986, Samyee has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing of zinc die-cast field. Our products have been deployed across multiple applications including kitchen & bath plumbing, house metallic hardware and more.

Our Value

Our mission is to provide a total solution that meet customer’s needs. We serve our customers by managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standards and meeting their needs through competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery.

A Leader in Quality and Reliability 

We constantly focus on quality and reliability in all of our products. We ensure quality products by setting quality control standards throughout production and final on-site quality assurance inspections.

Innovating Every Day

Along with experience and vision, innovation is an essential part of out operational strategy.  By fostering collective innovation among out centers of excellence, and by partnering with research institutions, universities, and suppliers. Samyee is able to develop innovative advancements in our core technologies.  These technology building blocks are then applied across industries, creating unique solutions that could not be achieved with siloed innovation.